The Lazy Person's Guide to Consistent Online Profits Using Nothing More Than a Computer, an Armchair & Some Good Strong Coffee!

$1,000 For A Book - Are You Serious?


“The Lazy Person's Guide to Consistent Online Profits Using Nothing More Than a Computer, an Armchair & Some Good Strong Coffee!”

I'm 3 years in and I can barely keep up with the demand!

This works beautifully & anyone can do it!

Now I want to show YOU!

Hang On! A Thousand Dollars For A Book? You Gotta Be Kidding?

At last!

A tabletop business that’s perfect for absolutely anyone who wants to earn an extra few hundred dollars from their own home with minimal effort involved.

I currently earn a tidy second income from this—and it`s so enjoyable!

I started this little idea on the recommendation of a friend whilst having a pint or two at our local pub (I'm English, we don't have meetings in Starbucks!) a few years back.

“Give it a crack!” he said, and I replied “Nah I can`t mate. Up to me armpits as it is!”… I was already running several other online businesses!

But something nagged away in my mind about how simple he made it sound.

So in the end I decided to give it a go, but with only a $20.00 starting budget (I wanted to prove this could work for ANYONE!).

I grabbed a clear $36.00 profit with just ONE go at this (took me all of ten minutes)! I was, as we say, well, gob smacked!

Did he gloat? Yep he sure did and I bought him a pint of beer to say “Ta very much”!

The amazing thing is that to make that I didn’t need any fancy computer skills to make $36.00 profit in ten minutes.

All I needed to know was how to switch the damned thing on and bring up a webpage.

How simple is that?

Can you do that?


Phew, you had me worried for a minute there!

Oh … by the way … my mate, let`s call him ‘Jason’, had been doing this for a good 4 years before he mentioned it to me!

Said he thought I wouldn't need it?!?

Good Grief! I could have strangled him!!

Who wouldn’t say “YES” to $36 in 10 minutes?

That's $216 an hour!

By the way, you can do this on a Sunday morning while laying in bed with a sticky doughnut (I know Americans like to do this - seen it on TV!) in one hand and tickling the keyboard on yer laptop with the other. Golly gosh, that`s SO lazy!!!!

Now, I do admit that my other businesses started to suffer a tiny wee bit after matey-boy showed me this little technique.

In fact I got a bit addicted to this money-maker; even my missus was complaining about being left on her own while I “messed about” on the PC making lots of lovely cash …

Honestly I kid you not, I was sitting up there in the bedroom and I just couldn't get enough.

It got ridiculous because I was online at 2 in the morning doing this and I`m lucky not to be back on the old dating scene I can tell you!

Then I took her to look at the RV she'd long admired .... and we bought it. With my mobile internet, I can now work anywhere, while really enjoying life .. and, err, each other.

I`m not going to insult your intelligence by saying you will be lazing about on a white sandy Barbados beach within 2 weeks of starting this great idea, because you won`t be...

What? You thought you would be?

Sorry to rain on your parade but that only exists in those daft `Gooey-roos` (gurus) 28 page glossy sales letters that are great for lighting the fire, recycling practice and annoying the hell out of you, but nothing else.

Simple to do, absolutely no special skills are needed!

You don`t need to spend thousands to make some money in this world, I don`t care what anyone tells you.

Look what happened when Jason told me about this home business and I got in there with me $20.00.

I didn't suddenly turn into Simon Cowell, but I did make an easy $36.00 profit in such an simple way I may as well have been asleep!

BUT … here’s the amazing thing which you’ll probably laugh at. I only had ONE go at it… then walked away as I was only trying to prove my mate wrong. It was only a few months later during a lull in my other main business that I decided to have a serious crack at it.

Almost every time I used the method it returned profits of $24, $39, $67 even $100+ on occasions – and all for under ten minutes a time!

And for the last 3 years I’ve been running this tasty earner and making steady money.

So, why have I suddenly decided to offer you my experience and teach you how to do this nice little home business?

So that you, yes YOU my friend, can do the same and bring a little more green (I learnt that from American TV, too - it means money, apparentlyl!) into your life and into the lives of your nearest and dearest.

The way I see it, we all need more money and those that don`t wouldn’t be reading this anyway would they?

I have the knowledge and you have the desire so what`s not to like?

Look, this isn’t going to make you rich, buy you a roller, or get you a villa overseas. I’ve never come across anything which can make me that kind of dosh – and I’ve tried plenty.

This brings me in a nice few hundred a month for virtually no work. I do okay with this simple home business.

I do things like:

  • Pay any unexpected bills & the normal ones immediately!
  • Treat my 16 month old granddaughter anytime I like with nice toys & clothes.
  • Fix my two cars no matter what the bill at the drop of a hat.
  • Fitted new doors on the kitchen units – no problem cash sale.
  • Flew to Jersey to see my sister twice in 3 months + a grand (or thereabouts) spending money.
  • Had a professional tradesman plaster a double bedroom and re-decorate it – cash job.
  • Have a wad of cash in my wallet at all times.
  • Smile a lot ;-)

Care to join me???

It’s your decision. Do nothing and nothing changes - you will stay where you are!

For you this is simple. It’s not a question of whether this works or not — it does. It’s not a question of whether you can do it or not — if you have a PC and Internet access, you can do this.

The real question is you either need more money or you don`t.

And I’m happy to admit that many could hardly be arsed for an extra few hundred a month. It’s pocket change for them and won’t make a dent in the old golf club membership fees. But for others, that money represents the difference between life being a struggle and a pleasure.

My guess is you could do with this kind of money, particularly if you hardly had to do a stroke to get it.

Here are just SOME of the amazing advantages of this…

The Ability to Dip in & out For Cash Whenever You Want.

No Face to Face Selling.

No Borrowing Money to Get Started.

Start with $20.00.

Total Control at all Times.

A Buying Audience of Tens of Millions.

24/7 365 days a Year Operation.

A Constant Stream of Profits.

Absolutely NO Technical Skills Required Whatsoever.

Suitable for Very Busy People.

No Age Restrictions.

The Quickest Online Profit System Available Today.

So for the crazy price I am asking for this – and I spent approx 480 long hours putting this together for you - what do you have to lose by trying what works for me and what could soon be working for you?

Not much from where I’m perched!

If you do nothing you will tread water for another couple of years before half heartedly ‘trying’ something out with all the willingness of a young child being dragged around the shops!

I’m not pointing the finger. I’ve done it myself.

Result? Failure!

Or you can pick up and run with this simple little cash generator, learn what I have to teach you and then go on to develop it further into a larger business bringing you more money and a big weight off your tired shoulders!

Result? Success!

Do you currently have a better way of bringing in say $300 – $500 a month extra?

My suspicion is that you need (not want) a way of increasing your monthly income QUICKLY. I know because I was exactly where you are now, and that’s what got me in to these neat little internet money makers in the first place.

Well why don`t you give me a try - I know you can do this!

Honestly guys and gals if this was ‘brain surgery’ or even sniffed of being difficult I wouldn't even be typing this.

This is as easy as getting a suntan in Barbados!! And almost as enjoyable – almost!

Also, I’ve been advising people on how to make money online for several years now and I have a reputation to protect.

So many people have been ripped-off online over the last 10 years that for me to go down that route with you would be business suicide.

So just relax. This is genuine and so am I. If I wasn't, the authorities would kick my butt all the way to the moon and back!

As I mentioned, I also have a reputation to look after, I wouldn't risk throwing all that away!

Okay so, what exactly am I offering and in what form?

I’m offering to teach you what I know about this simple and very profitable home business and in a way that is easy to understand.

PLEASE BE CLEAR: This is for Mr & Mrs Joe Average.

Yes, I know, nobody wants to think of themselves as ‘average’, but you know what? I AM!!! I’m just a regular bloke without fancy degrees or even many skills, truth to tell.

And there are millions out there exactly like I used to be, struggling away trying to make a living. They could all do with an extra few hundred a month from something GENUINE.

Not a promise of $10,000 a week from some idiotic system which simply doesn’t work & never will!

People like:

Bus Drivers



Office Workers


Factory Workers

Shop Workers

Hair Dressers etc.

And don’t worry if you’re not on that list.

My point is that this is for anyone who does long exhausting hours in jobs with wages that get you by (just).

People who need a little more but don`t want to have to study for a degree to achieve it!

You know what’s coming next don`t you?

Yep, I`m afraid so my dear amigos, well how else am I going to teach you this?

I have written it all down and it is now in an 130+ page superbly written full colour manual that you could very soon be holding in your hands.

Within a VERY short space of time, you could be getting the secret working for YOU as well!

You have my word as a gentleman and all round good egg that this is NOT difficult or complicated in any way and when I say anyone can do this I mean it!

All you need is a bog-standard PC and an Internet connection – plus the desire to better your financial circumstances.

Well done if you are feeling just a little excited about this because you should be.

You`re not being ripped off for thousands in franchise fees and ongoing codsts - or getting the hard sell about how you will be soon placing an order for a private jet!

This is a REAL business that is perfect for anyone with enthusiasm to make more cash.

A proper home business, No bull. No silly ‘Get Rich Quick’ rubbish.

No hidden costs. Every penny you make you keep!

AND… start it for $20!!

I call it Online Product Flipper … for reasons which will become clear when you receive your manual!

Buy the manual, read it through and get the basics.

The next day pick it up and read it again then make some notes and get started making money.

The manual is easy to read. Sorry but I’m not a professional writer. I’ll just tell it like it is in no-nonsense plain English. No fluff, no waffle. Everything up front and as plain as day.

So are you prepared to take a punt and try me out on this?

You take absolutely NO RISK if you do as I certainly would NOT expect you to risk your money without getting a chance to fully appraise this for yourself.

If you don`t like the look of it, or for some other reason you can`t be bothered to try it then that`s no problem.

Because I totally stand by what I say, I’m happy to offer you a full money back guarantee if you find this is not for you.

My offer is honest, straightforward and simple.

You need some extra cash and I can show you a way to get some.

It`s not going to make you a millionaire but it WILL get some bills paid, get a holiday on the menu and give you and your ‘significant other’ a bit of extra real cash money to spend on the finer things in life!

No Filler.

Just Good Straightforward Profit Information Written in Plain English That`s Easy to Follow!

But will you do me just one favor? You will? Great stuff...

Please just TRY this out for yourself.

That actually means load it up & do the reading thing, make the notes, get started, have some fun and see what happens!

You will be amazed at what can come into your life when you take positive action, it`s truly great!

But you know there`s something I just can`t understand.

It`s all those annoying people whose lives consist of ordering great information (mine’s superb by the way) and before they even OPEN the damned thing they send it back for a refund??

Honestly, it`s enough to test the patience of a saint…

And it DOES cost me money for people who do that.

So please, only order it if you’re a serious person looking for a serious second income.

Fair enough?

Oh, and just in case you’re wondering this is NOT:

Lifestyles International; Forex, Gambling of ANY sort; Kleeneze; Betterware; Replacement Doors; Selling Your Scrap Gold; Scrap UPVC; MLM, Drinks Machines; Markets; Catalytic Converters; Por n; Direct Mail or Mail Order; Internet Publishing; Alarm Systems; Affiliate Marketing; AdSense; The Motor Trade or Water Softeners; Face to Face Selling; Importing Chinese Paintings; Buying From Chinese Factories; Filling Yer Garage With Tons of Unsellable Stock… Not to mention quite a few others…

Now, as much as I`d like to join the Gooey-Roos and charge you a grand for this information (and it IS worth that, by the way) I can’t do that.

Why? Because it was only ‘yesterday’ that $1,000 seemed to be an impossible fantasy for me. I use to laugh loud and long at those mailings I received asking that kind of money for their ‘systems’. If I had that kind of dosh, I certainly wouldn’t need the systems.

I have been persuaded that times are quite hard at the moment. Even though it is worth that much, people simply don’t have a spare grand to invest.

I understand that—perhaps more than you realise as I was $100k in the hole before I discovered this!

I know what it’s like to be broke and maxed out.

So I have come up with an amazing deal whereby you can get your hands on this astonishing programme for a tiny fraction of what I would like to charge.

I know you’re going to be thrilled by the price I have finally settled on when you see the application form.

So here is your chance to get a copy of my manual at a truly ‘bonkers` price (honestly this price is just so ridiculous) and get all fired-up and start earning the consistent profits I keep yakking on about!

The book, at over 130 pages for $1,000, works out about $7 a page ... a bit cheaper than some franchise, where you're still working for a boss - and working their hours and business, not yours!

You can even claim the cost of it back against the profits you could soon be making in your new business!

Well I’ve said my piece.

It`s time for you to decide whether you want to give me a chance to help you get some real money into the old bank account?

Only you can decide so… that`s all from me for now,

Thanks very much for your time I appreciate it, and I look forward to sending you your materials very, very soon!

All the best to you and yours,

Robin Williams

P.S. ... This is a REAL, GENUINE business. There are NO ‘overnight riches’ involved. It takes very little time each day but brings in consistent profits. AND… it’s GREAT fun!

P.P.S. ... You can see why I can "get away" with a thousand dollars for a book now, can't you! Bargain!

P.P.P.S Although this book is written by a British entrepreneur, the ideas and concepts can be readily adapted to any country, worldwide.

It’s pretty much impossible to give local advice for every country worldwide, of course, so use your local knowledge to apply the ideas – and immediately replicate my success!

Your Instructor

Alun Hill
Alun Hill

I have taught almost 100,000 people, worldwide, how to make extra money, simply, quickly and easily.

Follow my articles, broadcasts, lectures and writing – see the quick, simple ways to improve your business!

I’ve now spent over 40 years running businesses, whilst also interviewing and working with some of the most famous business people in the world.

I’ve run and managed many hugely successful businesses – all whilst also producing hundreds of radio and TV broadcasts, articles and videos, explaining business to start-ups and established businesses alike.

I now travel the world each month, talking to groups large and small about my experiences whilst interviewing many hundreds of successful business people - many of whose experiences and knowledge I turn into courses for you.

I also sell my courses on business to almost 100,000 individuals - these cost between a few dollars and $10,000 each.

I have interests / investments in over 30 businesses worldwide, including YouTube (where I’ve already made over a million dollars), Amazon and publishing.

My printed business books are available at bookshops worldwide, as well as on Kindle and as audio books from Audible.

My Twitter accounts have over 60,000 ardent followers.

I’ve discovered success the hard way – through personal experience …. and you can now learn from these successes from my books and courses.

Alun Hill


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The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
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How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
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We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

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