The Six Ways To Make Money Online - Using The Power Of Social Media!

Using Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter To Make Money Online - This Is A 37 Video Course!

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It's 6 Courses in 1!

Six Ways To Make Money Online Revealed By Alun Hil

Six modules, 37 Videos!

Six Ways To Make Money Online!

Module 1: Facebook (Videos 1 through 12)

In the first module, a 12 video course in itself, I show you exactly

  • how to utilize Facebook Live as a sales funnel to generate more leads and profits,
  • how to use use Facebook Ads to market your business,
  • how to reach thousands of followers with your Facebook Page -
  • and how to establish your Facebook Profile as an authority
  • ... and more.

Module 2: YouTube (Videos 13 through 18)

In these 6 videos I show you exactly

  • how to start a YouTube Channel for your business,
  • how to optimize your videos to reach your target audience,
  • how to make VIRAL videos for ultimate branding,
  • how to increase your views and subscribers,
  • how to get the most from YouTube ads
  • ... and more.

Module 3: LinkedIn (Videos 19 through 24)

In this series of 6 videos I show you exactly

  • how to utilize LinkedIn to make business connections,
  • how to find targeted clients,
  • how to maximize traffic,
  • how to generate leads, how to expand your network
  • ....and more.

Module 4: Instagram (Videos 25 through 30)

In this series of 6 videos, I show you exactly

  • how to optimize your Instagram Photos to get more views,
  • how to personalize your profile to attract prospects,
  • how to engage visitors,
  • how to generate more leads,
  • how to get targeted followers
  • ... and more.

Module 5: Pinterest(Videos 31 through 36)

In this series of 6 videos, I show you exactly

  • how to utilize Pinterest to get targeted traffic and customers,
  • how to create great pins,
  • how to optimize your pins for greater exposure,
  • how to get targeted followers,
  • how to grow your business
  • ... and more.

Module 6: Video 37 Workshop - Twitter

In this BONUS video I will teach you

  • the secrets of a winning Twitter profile,
  • how to attract an audience that's interested in your offers,
  • how to easily create advanced Twitter marketing strategies
  • ... and more.

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Alun Hill
Alun Hill

I have taught almost 100,000 people, worldwide, how to make extra money, simply, quickly and easily.

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I now travel the world each month, talking to groups large and small about my experiences whilst interviewing many hundreds of successful business people - many of whose experiences and knowledge I turn into courses for you.

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I have interests / investments in over 30 businesses worldwide, including YouTube (where I’ve already made over a million dollars), Amazon and publishing.

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