How To Start And Run Your Own Dream Business

By Simply Thinking Differently!

4 Modules: 21 Audio Books & Accompanying PDF's, Checklists, Notes and Action Plans

Module 1: Building The Business Of Your Dreams

Learning Objectives: How to actually use your dreams to inspire your everyday business actions - and vice versa

  • How to get specific when building your business dream plan
  • Making sure your business vision and model matches your dreams
  • Deciding what impact you want your business footprint to have
  • Making sure you have the tools and information make informed financial decisions for your business
  • How to make sure your business never goes down when you do
  • Setting up tracking-and using it as a positive goal driver

Module 2: DREAM BIGGER: What Do You REALLY Want Out Of Your Life?

Learning Objectives: Take your dreams from what you think you deserve now to identify what you really want.

  • Factoring enjoyable accountability into measurable, achievable goals
  • Making sure your present and future actually match
  • Making sure your business runs even when you are out for the count
  • Possibilities you never dreamed of-and how to make them achievable
  • Why reaching short and long-term goals is good for your business, good for your relationships-and good for your health
  • How to make business and life work together this time

Module 3: Turn Those Dreams into Goals

Learning Objectives: Make A Concrete Plan So You Can Take Action On This Right Away

  • What has to happen to make those dreams actually come true?
  • The foolproof way to meet your milestones and deadlines
  • Flexibility and goal setting-how to make these work
  • How to deal with change and expansion without losing your mind
  • Outsourcing and systems-how to know what you need and make it work

Module 4: Make It Happen

Learning Objectives:

  • Making sure your latest attempt at going for the big time actually happens, this time
  • How to stop playing small with passive income before you start to create it
  • Identifying roadblocks and pitfalls-and setting up systems to defuse them
  • The difference between "working on it" and getting paid!
  • Staying focused-where to find stimulation and inspiration
  • Dealing with distraction - without getting distracted

If you are ready to learn how to.…

  • "Identify what's holding you back"
  • "Step up every aspect of your business"
  • "Set killer goals that excite you-ones you believe you can achieve"
  • "Put the fun back into your business and life vision"
  • "Attract a bigger audience than ever before-and help them through passive income"
  • "Use outsourcing and passive income effectively to increase your income and reach"

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