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Social media marketing has taken over the marketing world completely today and Facebook is growing like never before as it owns 77% of all social logins. From a kid to a pro marketer, everyone is on Facebook to build strong connections and facilitate long-term growth. It has grown for businesses, and marketers are using this social media monster to promote themselves and get gold results that they always aspired.

Facebook has 1.09 Billion logging in daily and this is really a huge opportunity to cater more prospective clients and establish brand authority in real time.

For that you don’t need to be an established brand as Facebook works for every business regardless of its scale of operations.

You can also target globally scattered audience with lower marketing budget and high-quality features like Facebook ads, Facebook pages, Facebook groups, Facebook contest, sponsored stories etc.

Facebook adds numerous innovations every year to ease the efforts of marketers and that’s the reason it occupies number 1 place among all the social media marketing channels.

Section 1: Facebook Marketing Basics

  • Chapter 1: What Facebook is all about nowadays?
  • Chapter 2: What business goals can you accomplish with Facebook?
  • Chapter 3: There’s a Facebook business tool for every business goal
  • Chapter 4: Shocking Facebook marketing facts to consider

Section 2: Marketing on Facebook - Step by Step

  • Chapter 5: Creating a Facebook Account
  • Chapter 6: Facebook Pages
  • Chapter 7: Facebook Ads
  • Chapter 8: Messenger for Business
  • Chapter 9: Instagram
  • Chapter 10: Audience Network
  • Chapter 11: Atlas

Section 3: Advanced Facebook Marketing Strategies

  • Chapter 12: Affiliate Marketing with Facebook
  • Chapter 13: How to dramatically increase your ROI, Remarketing on Facebook
  • Chapter 14: How to use Facebook groups as powerful marketing tool?
  • Chapter 15: Using the Facebook search bar for market research
  • Chapter 16: 8 Advanced Facebook marketing strategies to consider

Section 4: Additional Tips to consider

  • Chapter 17: Dos and Don'ts
  • Chapter 18: Premium tools and services to consider
  • Chapter 19: Shocking case studies
  • Chapter 20: Frequently asked questions

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